Drama Ladies Union-House of Open Hospitality is a recognized non-profit charitable organization based in Drama, which has unofficially started operating in 1904, whereas it drawn up its first articles of association in 1929. The association is integrated into the Registry of the Ministry of Health, as well as in the Special Registry of non-Governmental Organizations of the Ministry of Labor, in the Registry of the Ministry of Culture and of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.
The Drama Ladies Union-House of Open Hospitality purpose is to provide social and humanitarian support to the citizens, especially to vulnerable social groups, as well as to contribute to address the humanitarian and social crisis.
Our mission is charitable, educational and cultural seeking the development of solidarity and fighting against gender violence, xenophobia and racism, and also raising public awareness in equality, equity and human rights issues.
The association’s main purpose is the provision of social welfare services, social care, as well as the activation of civil society in this direction through events and various forms of information.
The beneficiaries of the Drama Ladies Union-House of Open Hospitality are Greek nationals or foreigners, underprivileged, homeless and uninsured people, victims of gender-based violence, single mothers, Roma, people released from prison, drug addicts, refugees and immigrants.
Drama Ladies Union-House of Open Hospitality is active in the following fields:
• Food Aid
• Food Aid Education
• Psychological and Legal Support
• Medical Care
• Employment & Vocational Guidance
• Bilateral Relations

Moreover the Union has:

• The “House of Open Hospitality”, a fully equipped guest house for hosting abused children and women, which was founded in 1995. Since 2014, by decision of the Board of Directors, the guest house hosts homeless people from Drama and female students from deprived families who study at the International Hellenic University, Department of Drama. Hosts are provided with: temporary accommodation, food, clothing and footwear, medical care, legal support, vocational training, psychological support/support by a child psychologist, help in finding a job, socialization through participation in psychological support groups, seminars featuring a variety of topics and participation in art classes (painting, sewing-machine embroidery, jewelry courses, choir).
• The Food Bank, which was founded in 2019, and aims at collecting products with a short expiry date and products sponsored by businesses for distribution to the beneficiaries of the union and to bodies throughout the Prefecture.
• The House of Offering and Love, an autonomous area where types of clothing, footwear and toys are sorted, classified and distributed.
• The Warehouse with Furniture and Household Appliances, through which the beneficiaries of the association are equipped with furniture, household appliances and household items.

More information on the Drama Ladies Union-House of Open Hospitality at: dlu.gr




Τσιαμούρα Αλίκη
The President, Aliki Tsiamoura

President’s Greetings

Dear Friends,
Welcome to the “TIME TO TALK” website. This is a pioneering project, implemented by the Active citizens fund, which is going to give life to the vision and the common goal of all of us, to fight the plague of abuse from its roots.
I would like to express my gratitude to the Active citizens fund that allowed us through its funding to deal with the abuser of gender-based violence and train ourselves in its consultive approach by the specialized Norwegian organization «Alternative to Violence”, which has 30 years experience in this area. I would also like to thank Bodossaki Foundation for the many years of valuable cooperation and the NGO Solidarity Now, which jointly manage the program.
Lastly, I would like to thank the 3 Universities and the valuable partners who will map the emerging forms of violence on the Internet, Ms. Chatzifotiou Sevasti from the Democritus University of Thrace, Ms. Antoniou Angeliki from the University of West Attica and Mr. Wallace Manolis from the University of Peloponnese.
I firmly believe that the abuser does not create one, but many victims. With “TIME TO TALK” we now are able to deal with the problem of abuse holistically and we will try to open new roads for dealing with it.

Best regards,
The President of Drama Ladies Union-House of Open Hospitality
Aliki Tsiamoura




The €13.5 million Active Citizens Fund program is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and is part of the European Economic Area (EEA) financial mechanism for the period 2014 – 2021, known as EEA Grants. The program aims at fortifying and strengthening the sustainability of civil society and at highlighting its role in promoting democratic processes, strengthening citizens’ participation in society and defending human rights. The management of the grant of the Active Citizens Fund program for Greece has been jointly undertaken by the Bodossaki Foundation and SolidarityNow.

For more information: www.activecitizensfund.gr

In 1992, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway signed a Partnership Agreement with the European Union, creating the European Economic Area (EEA). The EEA Financial Mechanism, better known as EEA Grants, is a financial assistance tool created by these three countries and is available to 15 EU member countries, including Greece.
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Bodossaki Foundation is a public benefit organization founded in 1972 with the aim of continuing the contribution of its founder, Prodromos-Bodossakis Athanasiadis, to the Greek society. Its vision is a society of equal opportunities and prospects for all.
To promote its vision, the Foundation funds, plans and implements, in full alignment with the principles of transparency, accountability and integrity, actions and programs of relevance to its four strategic action pillars: promoting education, improving healthcare, protecting the environment and empowering the Civil Society. From its establishment to this day, the Foundation has made available over €450 million for promoting its purposes.
At the same time, Bodossaki Foundation today acts as a catalyst for fostering a broader culture of contribution in the Greek society, managing resources on behalf of third parties –Legators, international organizations, companies and other major donors– wishing to fund programs with a strong social impact that address critical needs in education, healthcare, the protection of the environment and the empowerment of the Civil Society.

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SolidarityNow (SN) is a non-Governmental Organization established in 2013 to meet the needs and safeguard the rights of the most vulnerable and marginalized groups, indiscriminately.

The organization’s vision is to improve peoples’ lives and empower them to fight for a more just and inclusive society.
The vision is realized through three main strategic pillars: a) Defense of safety and protection, b) Support of livelihood opportunities and integration into the labor market, c) Strengthening of the independence of civil society and defending the values of an open society. SolidarityNow has supported more than 320,000 people to date, both through direct program implementation and through donations to support civil society actions.

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