Drama sends a strong response against gender-based violence
Tuesday, Sep 20

Drama Ladies Union-House of Open Hospitality in cooperation with AYA Hotel held an informational and raising awareness event on “The domestic violence phenomenon during the pandemic”. This event took place in the crowded yard of AYA Hotel.

The event opened with a greeting from the president of the Drama Ladies Union, Ms. Aliki Tsiamoura, who referred to the multi-year project of supporting vulnerable and other fellow citizens, but also to the Guest House for Hosting Abused Women and Children (House of Open Hospitality).

Then the floor was taken by Mr. Nikolaidis Anastasios on behalf of AYA Hotel, who referred to the domestic violence phenomenon and in the importance of holding such events and discussions with experts that will inform and try to prevent such incidents in the general public. He thanked Drama Ladies Union-House of Open Hospitality for co-organizing this event and gave the floor to the speakers of the event.

Firstly, there was a presentation of the innovative work realized by Drama Ladies Union-House of Open Hospitality, the “Time to Talk” project of Active Citizens Fund, with Bodossaki Foundation and Solidarity Now as grant managers. This project through various actions intents to promote gender equality and combat gender-based violence.

Subsequently, the floor was taken by Ms. Sevasti Chatzifotiou, Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work of Democritus University of Thrace, who referred to the forms of domestic violence (psychological, emotional, verbal, sexual, mental and symbolic) by providing illustrative examples. Also, she referred to the feminicide phenomenon, by giving emphasis on the patriarchal norms and the gender-based dimension of this phenomenon.

Then the floor was taken by Mr. Moysidis Ignatios, Head of the Police Department of Nevrokopi, Graduate of Sociology of Panteion University, who also referred to the feminicide phenomenon, focusing on the extent of this phenomenon and on the various forms it has: honor or dowry killings, death from interventions on a woman’s body (e.g. clitoridectomies), killings by criminal organizations or war conflicts. He also extensively referred to the statistics of domestic violence in Drama, before and after the pandemic, and completed his presentation with frequently asked questions both to the Department and the Helpline of Drama Ladies Union-House of Open Hospitality.

Lastly, an online connection was held with Ms. Antoniou Angeliki, Assistant professor at the Department of Archival, Library & Information Studies of the University of West Attica, who referred to the results of the university research on the emerging forms of online violence. Multiple conclusions were drawn from the data analysis. The online violence phenomena seem to be widespread, since most participants have come into contact directly or indirectly through their environment with some form of online violence. Younger ages mention sexual violence as one of the main threats, whereas older participants mention that they are more afraid of online economic frauds.

In conclusion, our fellow citizens who attended the event were informed on gender-based violence, feminicides and online violence. Moreover, the attendees received answers to their questions about the steps to be followed when reporting an incident of violence, either as a witness or as a victim of violence. They were informed on the difficulties they might face, as well as to whom they should turn to to deal with aggression.

For more information please visit https://timetotalk.gr or call the Helpline: (+30) 2521058888, Operating Hours: Monday-Friday: 08.30 – 15.00