The “TIME TO TALK” project at the 2nd primary school of Drama
Tuesday, Jun 04

Forty-four children attended with undiminished interest

In the 2nd primary school of Drama, the program of the Ladies’ Union of Drama- H.O.H. “TIME TO TALK” was introduced for the first time.

Its implementation started on a pilot basis, as it was the first time that the institution made use of the educational material received during the two educational trips to Oslo from the Norwegian partner “Alternative to Violence”. The interactive seminar was implemented by the Dean of the Democritus University of Thrace – Department of Social Work, Sevasti Chatzifotiou, using the cards on which the children were asked to develop their feelings and analyze the images. In a simple and understandable way, students of the last two grades of the primary school discussed the forms of violence, ways of dealing with and avoiding it. They learned about the rights of the child and understood how to react when they find themselves in a similar situation. At the end they were asked to freely express their opinion about the educational workshop and the opinions expressed were encouraging so that the organization can continue dynamically next September.

After the two educational trips to Oslo, Norway, Ladies’ Union takes the next step in the prevention of gender violence by reconfiguring the project “TIME TO TALK”. The project in its two and a half years of implementation has reached 1. 213 secondary school children and 44 primary school children, while it continues its efforts to prevent and address violence by focusing on the younger age groups and the emerging need of society for greater awareness and demonstration of the phenomenon of gender-based violence.

The project “TIME TO TALK” was implemented in the framework of the Active citizens fund programme, with the Association of Ladies of Drama – H.O.H. The Active citizens fund programme, amounting to € 15 million, was funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and is part of the European Economic Area (EEA) funding mechanism for the period 2014 – 2021, known as EEA Grants. The project aimed to strengthen and enhance the sustainability of civil society and to highlight its role in promoting democratic processes, enhancing citizens’ participation in the community and defending human rights. The Activecitizensfund grant for Greece was jointly managed by the Bodossaki Foundation and SolidarityNow.  Read more here: